Quality Policy

AADYAH Aerospace Private Limited recognizes Quality as an important element that provides the company with the essential roadmap required to be successful in the Aerospace sector.

Hence, AADYAH has implemented a Quality Policy to provide our Clients with products and services which comply with their specified requirements, expectations, regulations, codes and standards.

This policy is implemented in all management, administrative and operational areas by:

  • Operating a Quality Management System meeting the requirements of AS9100 Rev D
  • Focusing on continuous improvement of AADYAH Aerospace Management System
  • Ensuring effective response to client requirement, expectations and complaints and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the necessary resources to implement the QMS and achieve the defined quality objectives
  • Fostering our employees to meet the quality requirements and achieve good work first time, every time and on time.

In line with this policy, we have established quality objectives at relevant functional levels. With commitment, teamwork and cooperation, Team AADYAH will perform their tasks diligently to achieve our quality objectives.

The quality objectives are measured periodically and reflect Delivered Quality as a key performance parameter to reach our strategic business goals.

The management of AADYAH Aerospace is committed to active participation in the implementation of the AADYAH Aerospace management System and establishing an organizational culture that encourages excellence through continuous improvement.

Chairman & Managing Director
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