The need for fail-safe systems is imperative, especially in Aerospace and Space Domains. To achieve mission critical responsiveness and compliance to standards and safety regulations, the designs developed must be of high quality with attention to detail. AADYAH offers design and development capabilities that are AS 9100 D certified and in compliance with other international standards. We have a world-class engineering and technology team that can provide 24*7 high level engineering design services at competitive rates. Bringing 300+ man-years of experience in Space sector, we are strategically positioned to help deliver mission critical manned and unmanned platforms.

Design to Prototype

Do you have a great concept in Motion Control or Computer Vision or Embedded Systems?  Are you looking for a partner to bring that concept to working prototype? Come talk to our design and engineering team to take up your challenge.  We are happy to partner with you to realize your dream product.  We are ready to shoulder the responsibility and liability for the quality of the product by rapid design to prototype services.

RESULT – Save valuable resources: TIME, EFFORT and MONEY.

We believe in handholding and sustained collaborative development with our clients. Through our best in class Design to Prototype services, we protect our customer interests with products of high quality, reliability, and performance, with engagement models that suit your project:

  • Co-development
  • Open-book Estimate
  • Time & Material

Design to Manufacture

Our Design to Manufacture services are facilitated with the expertise, tools and facility to rapidly design, prototype and manufacture solutions in Electronics, Embedded Systems, Mechanical and Optics. We work with as a Partner. With our AS 9100 D certified Vendor base we can cater to all specifications and special requirements to manufacture industrial, MIL grade and Space grade products. Our attention to detail throughout the process and uncompromised inspection and testing builds on to achieving customer requirements and strengthening the client relationships.

Design to Manufacture Design to Manufacture
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