Motion Control

Actuators or Servo-Actuators are mechanism to control motion in mechanical systems. They are devices which transform an input signal (usually electrical) into motion.  AADYAH Aerospace offers a wide range of mission critical electromechanical actuators and servo mechanisms that can be used to control the movement of mechanical components in both unmanned and manned platforms.

AADYAH’s technology differentiator is the Redundant motion control system which offers Quadruple redundancy in powering & Triple redundancy in sensing.

From a 5 N m linear/rotary actuator to a 20 Ton Thrust Vectoring Actuation mechanism, we have the expertise to be your Motion Control development partner.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (Electro Optics) is an integrated engineering platform as a combination of miniaturized electronics, optics, motors, mechanical systems and digital imaging. From basic Thermal Imaging systems to advanced Satellite Optical Payload, AADYAH offers the in-house capability to Design to Manufacture advanced Electro-Optic payloads to meet your specific requirements.

Our customer engagements are based on total system requirements and is unique in terms of performance requirements, shape, space, self-weight, environmental sustainability, and mounting methods. Our products provide the superior advantage on compactness, lower weight and low power consumption.

Electronics and Embedded Systems

AADYAH’s Electronics & Embedded Systems Group covers overall system design, hardware/board design, Low volume manufacturing, use case realization along with System integration and all stages of Verification and Validation as demanded by our customers thereby covering the customer’s complete product lifecycle. 

Our Electronics & Embedded Systems Group offers swift Product Development for Space and Aerospace. Our team brings in several years of experience in realizing embedded systems based on various microprocessor and microcontroller families.

If you need a partner for realizing market specific products, for managing Existing Product Revision, talk to AADYAH to achieve optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), faster Turn Around Time (TAT) and unmatched end user experience.

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