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For our Customers, we are an AS 9100 D certified Partner for Design, Design to Prototype, Design to Manufacture in Space grade Motion Control, Computer Vision and Electronics systems





Catapult to Space


No One Wins Unless
Everyone Wins

AADYAH Aerospace is an AS 9100D Certified Center of Excellence to engineer intelligence for computer vision, communication and motion control. We are a Design to Manufacture firm focused on providing bespoke solutions in Mechanical, Electronics, Embedded systems and Optics for Space, Air and Land platforms…. Read more

A message that I would like to share with all our stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Partners, and Investors; No one WINS unless EVERYONE WINS. 

Come experience the Brilliance at AADYAH. Let us WIN together.

Shaju Stephen
Chairman & Managing Director


To ascend to higher realms of technology for mission-critical aerospace systems


To be a leading customer-centric, employee-owned, space-grade center of excellence in engineering, design, integration and test for mission-critical aerospace systems.


Our values are TACIT (understood or implied without stating).

  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

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How We Contributed to
Our Customer’s Success


How We Contributed to
Our Customer’s Success


Endorsing Our Values

Aadyah is a confluence of youth and experience which brings energy, talent and seasoned minds on-board. This unique concoction makes tackling tough engineering problems on daily basis a real fun.

Emilia Clarke
Apurv Bharti
Design Engineer- Mechanical

AADYAH has an enthusiastic team with extremely in-depth core knowledge– a tribe rarely seen in other places. What differentiates this team further is their strong ethics, transparency, work culture and customer centric approach.

Emilia Clarke
Srinivas Edara

AADYAH Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. is a company that maintains a high level of professional ethics. They are very systematic in their designs and are always very clear on outlining specifications for our Ball Screw supplies for their products. A pleasure working with them.

Emilia Clarke
N. Mondaiah
Vice President, MTAR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aadyah is a startup where young minds and experienced hands work together to come up with solutions for challenging engineering problems. Working in Aadyah has been a rewarding episode of my career leading to both personal and professional enrichment. The quality of work is on a totally different level and this combined with the sense of ownership shared by each of us makes working here a fantastic affair.

Emilia Clarke
Vishnu Prasad
Senior Technical Manager- Hardware

AADYAH has been a home away from home for me. AAPL instils a family culture that puts their employees first. All of us live as a well-knit family, and not a bunch of employees. Associated early with the company, and a small one in size, has helped this bonding. We’re friends at work and outside of it. Leaders treat us as equals and stay true to their word. I will be forever grateful for the experience I’ve had here.

Emilia Clarke
Umesh S H
Facility Manager

“No One Wins unless Everyone Wins”- AADYAH is a company that believes as well as implements this to the true essence in every minuscule aspects of its functioning. Being engaged in a promising and challenging job role, with the team equally contributing to one another’s personal and professional advancement, helps me lay a strong foundation to build up my career.

Emilia Clarke
Abirami G Mahiera
Sales Engineer

AAPL provides a conducive and employee friendly work atmosphere. I have had ample opportunities to work with few of the great minds in the technology we are working, which helped me grow as a professional as well as an individual. Within the organization, I have always witnessed a collaborative culture focused on growth of its people and the organization.

Emilia Clarke
Felcy Varghese
Design Engineer- Control Systems and Electrical Systems

English translation for AADYAH goes as first. Same way, AADYAH has been my first step into, my professional career. I feel glad to work in such a Challenging and positive work environment, where the focus is on timely deliveries and perfection in our work. "Best place to start your career"

Emilia Clarke
Sangeetha D
Engineer- Embedded Systems

Aadyah, with its bulletproof vision, its wide gamut of projects, and its solid technical and management teams provides for a great work environment. It's truly a pleasure working with such an energy packed dynamic team at Aadyah, which provides everyone with a holistic growth pattern and a steep learning curve. Aadyah is a place to learn and a chance to grow.

Emilia Clarke
Joyce Joseph
Design Engineer- Mechanical

Aadyah Aerospace provides us a conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work to the clients. In terms of career growth also it provides best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with Aadyah and absolutely look forward to work here on a long tenure.

Emilia Clarke
Somanath SK
Manager- Sales

AADYAH gives us an immense opportunity to exercise our abilities, reaffirm ourselves and contribute to a growing company. Being a part of AADYAH I could build a never give up attitude by working closely with such an enthusiastic team like AADYAHites where we always believe Nothing is Impossible and there is always solution for any problem”. We dream a lot here and are working towards realizing them.

Emilia Clarke
Vipin Viswanath
Senior Design Engineer- Mechanical

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